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    Hello and welcome to Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co,.Ltd.

    S01 Series

    To break the traditional process, increase the output.

    The only upgrade product of gold industry

    K02 K03 Series

    Physically made coconut shell based activated carbon

    Approved by Coca-Cola Greater China with activated carbon gas.

    E00 Series

    Widely used by Chinese army as toxic gas protector.

    To make military and civilian gas masks, protective masks, canisters

    K04 Series

    Over 20 years experience of producing gold mining activated carbon

    Made of pure coconut shell, high strength and good adsorption.

    A00 Series

    To break the traditional process, the output increased

    The only product of the gold industry

    Life Use Series

    March Food&Beverage industry in 2008 .

    Approved and recommended by many enterprises of Fortune Global

    P00 Series

    Short charging time,large storage capacity, eco-friendly.

    Widely used in electric and new energy field.

    K01 Series

    Vacuum package to make it function more effectively.

    Made of pure coconut shell. Healthy,harmless and eco-friendly.

    About Us

    Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd.

    Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd is the largest coconut shell activated carbon manufacturer, the company was founded in 1996, is located in Wenchang City, Hainan Province mainan, it covers an area of 100 acres and a total investment of more than eighty million, has three advanced Improved SLEP activation furnaces (national patent) and a converter, the annual production capacity of 8,000 tons, is the leading enterprises in Hainan Province within ..........【View details】

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    Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd.        

    Address: Mainan Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, China, Hainan Xingguang Active Carbon Co., Ltd.

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